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Why Rob’s Auto Service?

Today vehicle's computers operate everything from air conditioning, radios, air bags, alarm systems, anti-lock braking systems, traction control, ride control, cruise control, electronic digital and analog instrument panels, automatic transmissions, and last but not least, emission and engine controls. Computers electronic parts are easily damaged by improper installation or testing and are very sensitive to voltage overloads; it does not take much of a voltage spike to ruin a component. The major manufacturers have reported that as high as 80% of all computers returned for repair were found to be alright! For this reason, a complete computerized engine analysis can save you money by correctly diagnosing your vehicle's problems the first time! It is even more important to choose a shop that has the latest computerized diagnostic equipment and a computerized information system.  At Rob’s we utilize the latest in state of the art Snap-On Automotive Diagnostic Equipment.

Automobile manufacturers have set forth in their recommended maintenance schedules specific intervals for replacing spark plugs, PCV valves, fuel filters etc.

Electrical System Analysis

Your electrical system is comprised of two major systems - a charging system and a starting system. A battery that goes bad can be the result of several problems; over charging, electrical drain as a result of a short or under charging as a result of a bad drive belt, voltage regulator or alternator. The charging system keeps the battery from going dead as the demand for more voltage is required as a result of accessory load. The charging system is comprised of an alternator, voltage regulator and the belt that drives the alternator.

Your starting system is comprised of a starter motor, starter solenoid, starter relay, neutral safety switch and ignition switch. Starter solenoids and relays can be either mounted on, or made as a part of the starter and some can even be mounted in remote locations. A vehicle that doesn't crank may or may not totally be caused by the starter. Your starting system is less complex but just as important. The battery must have enough capacity to turn the starter and overcome the resistance in the engine. That's why checking the charging system is necessary. Diagnosing the starter system requires several different tests. A starter draw test will determine if the starter is drawing more amperage than is needed to turn the engine over. A circuit test will determine if all the other components are working properly and that voltage is present when and where it is needed. An electrical analysis can save you money and future headaches by diagnosing the problem right the first time!